I will grow your ACCOUNTING firm with automated marketing systems (guaranteed)

Hey what's up? I'm Sean Meyer, the guy who'd like to help you get clients on autopilot

I won't bore you with my lifelong story, but long story short, after taking the leap and starting my own cloud accounting firm a few years ago...

I quickly realized how hard it was to actually land clients.

Didn't matter how optimized my blogs were for SEO, or how much I spent on Facebook Ads...

I couldn't land a client to save my life, so after months of burnout and spending the last of my savings account...

I finally decided to suck it up and take a few marketing courses, that way I could figure this stuff out.

Fast forward a few years, I successfuly transitioned into a role as a Marketing Guru for Accounting firms, which is awesome, because it's exactly what I needed when I first started...

And that's exactly what I want to do for you.

So long story short, if you're looking for a guy who not only understands automated marketing systems, but can also customize these systems to fit your exact business (as I'm one of the weirdos who actually understands accounting)...

Then please read my services page below, and if this sounds like something that could help you - then I hope to talk to you soon.


What i do to skyrocket your business

Step #1 - Learn more about your business

90% of my work has happened in the Accounting, Tax and Financial fields...

So understanding your industry is never a problem, but I always like to start things off by learning about your specific business.

Do this because every firm is a little different, and it's always important to figure out your USP or niche before moving forward.

I always like to do this via call, as it expedites the process and makes things easier on both of us...

Then if it sounds like we're a good fit after that, we'll move onto step #2..

Step #2 - Create your free offer

Alright, now that we've discussed your business and agreed that we're a good fit - it's time to jump into the good stuff.

This is the stage where we build the first part of your marketing system, the free offer...

And again, this could take place in many different ways - but no matter what it is, we'll take care of it for you.

As for what's needed from you at this step, we really won't need much (that's why I like specializing in a certain industry)...

But of course, if there's any key points/items that you'd like us to add - we'll make sure it's in there.

Step #3 - Create your landing page

Now that we have the free offer ready, it's time to create a landing page that "sells" your free item.

This is the same landing page that visitors will be directed to, so it's a very important asset that'll be a big part of your success (as more conversions = more sales)...

So we do take a little extra time with this step, but at the same time, we've done plenty of them (I've personally worked with over 350+)...

Which allows us to turn it somewhat quickly as well.

Step #4 - Create your lead nurturing funnel

Now that we have targeted leads entering your system, it's time to build the funnel that takes them from casual looksy loo into a paying customer.

There's a lot of underlying psychology that takes place with these funnels, so it's a little more than "just" 5 emails...

But again, we'll take care of it for you and guarantee at least 50% of your leads make it to the final stage.

Step #5 - Traffic

Last but not least, traffic.

By this point we have your entire system built, and now it's time to start feeding that system with targeted leads.

This is the stage where things can get customizable, as a lot of it will depend on what approach you plan on taking to fill your funnel...

But if you're:

  • Doing Facebook Ads, then we'll build the campaign for you
  • Doing blogs, then we'll write the first 3 for you (that way you can start getting traffic and see what the blogs should look like)
  • Doing forums, then we'll also write 3 answer for you (same as above)
  • And if you plan on doing anything else, then we'll offer a relevant service (something we'll discuss before getting started)

What you get

The short answer, a fully automated marketing machine that literally drums up sales for you at all times of the day. This is something you can use forever, and can turn off (or on) whenever you'd like

The long answer:

  • 1 - free offer that's carefully designed to align with your target audience, that way we can skyrocket conversions and get more leads in your system
  • 1 - landing page that's carefully designed to also get as many conversions as possible, a digital asset that keeps on selling
  • 1 - email funnel that focuses on human psychology and carefully guides the reader on their journey from interested prospect, to paying customer
  • 1 - Facebook campaign (or relevant setup) that drives traffic into this system...
  • And a few other miscellaneous items to complete the system for you (such as integrating tools, setting up another page for them to book a call, etc.)

A few FAQs

1. Do you provide ongoing blogging services?

Yes, I have a team of bloggers who'd love to help you. I personally don't create the blogs, as I focus on sales copywriting...

But I always look over their work and make sure it's up to industry standards.

2. How long can I use this system?

Barring any crazy regulations that for some reason outlaw anything, it can honestly be used forever.

It's a digital asset that focuses on timeless principles (i.e. human psychology) and it's yours to keep, so there's really nothing putting a time limit on it.

3. Do you have any sort of guarantee?

Of course, I never want you to pay for something you're not going to use...

So I do guarantee all of our work.

This is the same reason why I do phone calls before moving forward, as I want to make sure you're serious about your business...

But after that, yes - I will explain all the details.

4. Can't I just do this myself?

Technically, yes...

But I can guarantee you this doesn't happen overnight.

The process is a lot more than what most people see on the surface logic, and I've personally spent over $5K on training...

While also spending at least 5,000 hours dialing in on this skill, so that's other factors to keep in mind.

5. What are some of the other costs I have to worry about?

Excellent question, and for starters...

Don't worry, we've worked with every software/tool out there - so that's not a problem.

With that said, we can really customize which tools you use, so it can be a lot cheaper...

But on average, $150/month is a safe estimate.

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